Enhydra Director Integration

1. Enhydra Director Connector
2. Configuring Tomcat.5.5.xx to use with Enhydra Director
3. Configuring Enhydra 6.2.x to use with Enhydra Director.

1. Enhydra Director Connector

Tomcat connectors provide the external interface (over HTTP or HTTPS) to Tomcat clients. There are two kinds of connectors - that that implement an HTTP stack of their owner (called HTTP connectors) and those (called web server connectors) that tie Tomcat to an external web server like Apache (or IIS) or, in this case, to Enhydra Director.

In Enhydra5.1.xx and prior version, every Enhydra Multiserver application (configured to handle request from Enhydra Director) have separate connection (on different port) to Enhydra Director.

Unlike Enhydra5.1.xx, Tomcat Connector, for Enhydra Director use only one connection (port) for all applications hosted on that instance of server.

2. Configuring Tomcat.5.5.xx to use with Enhydra Director

To use Enhydra Director with Tomcat 5.5.xx You first need to put "tomcat5.5-director.jar" on Tomcat classpath:


and then specify and configure connector (tomcat5.5-director connector) to use with Enhydra Director.

Configuration parameters of Enhydra Director Connector are placed in Tomcats server.xml file:


in <service> section:

<Server ...> 
     <Service name="Catalina"> 
          <Connector protocol="org.enhydra.servlet.connectionMethods.EnhydraDirector.DirectorProtocol"
                    threadTimeout = "300" 
                    clientTimeout = "30" 
                    sessionAffinity = "true" 
                    queueSize = "400" 
                    numThreads = "200" 
                    bindAddress = "(All Interfaces)" 
                    authKey = "(Unauthenticated)"

Configuration parameters are:

1.Class that implements Director Protocol.


2.This instructs the Enhydra Director Connector to directly listen for requests (Enhydra Director Protocol) on the specified port.

port = <port>

3.The number of handler threads my be specified with:

numThreads = <num>   (optional)

4.The number of requests to queue (after accept, before processing) may be specified with:

queueSize = <num>    (optional)

5.The idle timeout period for a client connection, in seconds. This is the amount of time to block without activity.

clientTimeout = <num>   (optional)

6.The idle timeout period for a handler thread, in seconds. Shorter timeouts minimize the number of threads (memory) while slowing response time for bursts of activity.

threadTimeout = <num>   (optional)

7.IP address of Enhydra Director host that is alowed to bind to this server instance.

bindAddress = <ipAdress> | "(All Interfaces)"  (optional)

8.The authKey .

authKey = <authKey> | "(Unauthenticated)"   (optional)

3. Configuring Enhydra 6.2.x to use with Enhydra Director.

To use EnhydraLite with Enhydra Director put "tomcat5.5-director.jar" to:


Since Enhydra v6.2.x distributions uses Tomcat5.5.x as servlet container, all details related to connector configurations in server.xml:


file are same as those described in previous section (Configuring Tomcat.5.5.x to use with Enhydra Director).